Responsible Storage

We take care of all the logistic matters: providing warehouse machinery, performing its full maintenance, providing security and cleaning services. We can guarantee you that there are always spare premises for storage. The most important thing is that you pay only for the premises in use, so that you do not pay for the storage area if you do not keep anything at the warehouse.

Terminal A

26,000 sq m
48,000 pallet units
13 m
Operating height
  • Built in 2004;
  • Mezzanine area — 1,000 sq m, 3 m ceilings;
  • 40 docks;
  • Warehouse equipment brands Yale, Still;
  • Rack brand Stow;
  • Wide-pass technology;
  • Warehouse management system WMS Solvo;
  • Load on the ground floor 6 tons/sq m;
  • Overhaul shop for warehouse equipment.

Terminal E

23,000 sq m
50,000 pallet units
15 m
Operating height
    • Built in 2010;
    • 30 docks;
    • Warehouse equipment brands Jungheinrich, Yale, Komatsu;
    • Rack brand Jungheinrich;
    • Narrow-pass technology;
    • Warehouse management system WMS Solvo;
    • Load on the ground floor 6 tons/sq m;
    • Overhaul shop for warehouse equipment.
    Focus on your business

    When you sign the agreement for responsible storage with us, you transfer a part of problems onto a team of professionals. You will have extra resources (funds, staff, and time) available for running your business.

    Cut expenses

    If you rent a warehouse, only certain areas can be at your disposal and you have to pay rent even if you do not use the premises. The situation with responsible storage is quite the opposite. First, you can always count on renting any space based on your needs. Second, you can change space area during a year. Third, you pay rent only for the space in use.

    Release current assets

    Responsible storage enables you to avoid spending your money on expensive construction and warehouse equipment, on buying cargo handling and other warehouse equipment, on salaries for numerous workers.

    See new perspectives

    You will need more space as your company develops. If you rent, you will have to find a new warehouse, sign contracts, hire more workers, move in and so on. If you choose responsible storage, you will not face such problems.

    Experience reliable and safe storage

    If you rent a warehouse, you have to take care of security, safety, and integrity of goods. You will bear any material losses. Responsible storage fully insures you against losses caused by any deficits or damage of goods.

    Enjoy high level of service

    Providing warehouse services is the main business for a logistic operator, and much effort is put into improving the processes, optimizing warehouse transactions, cutting expenses. This positively affects the quality of services.

    Become more competitive

    One of the main conditions of successful functioning of a 3PL operator is maintaining fast moving of goods along the logistic chain and minimizing expenses on processing cargo and its storage. All this puts our clients at advantage.

    Receive services by highly qualified personnel

    Our personnel are highly qualified; they can handle different types of package, different machinery and equipment. You will not only avoid spending money but also saving time on any staff issues, including recruiting, training, calculating and paying salary, timely tax payments and so.

    Entrust accompanying duties to operator

    If you rent, you will deal with some other problems like warehouse maintenance, scheduled servicing and repair of machinery and equipment, re-attestation of personnel, provision of operating supplies. Your operator will handle all this.

    Information system

    A 3PL operator can increase efficiency by implementing modern hardware and software that allow running processes and supervising personnel effectively.

    Warehouse Services


    The basis technology of all the cargo handling operations at the Sherland complex is the point-of-use storage technology implementing special warehouse management system WMS Solvo.

    Peripheral elements of management system are automatized workplace, mobile radio terminals (RDT), documents and stickers printing devices, electronic scales.

    E-documents are used in internal document flow; they make an inseparable chain that enables tracking all stages of processing goods.

    A warehouse manager monitors the sequence of cargo processing operations. WMS assigns tasks to RDT operators. As these tasks are being fulfilled, WMS receives confirmations, which enables controlling onsite operations and prevents making human-factor mistakes.

    An important element of all technological processes is identifying all their components. A unique code (bar code) is ascribed to each object, which radio terminals read automatically and pass to WMS. This helps to formalize all procedures and minimize so-called human factor.


    Price for services depends on the volume, conditions of storage, frequency of delivering goods and their distribution. Please fill in the form and we will send you quotes based on provided information. This is free.

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